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Dear Governor Corbett,


Please use your budget recommendation for next year as an opportunity to send a powerful message about your commitment to addressing the problem of hunger in Pennsylvania. Including a relatively modest investment of $21 million for the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP) will make it possible for food assistance providers across the state to meet more of the unprecedented needs in communities throughout the Commonwealth.  


As a constituent who cares about my fellow Pennsylvanians struggling to put food on their tables, I know that the vital nutritional assistance provided through the State Food Purchase Program helps ease the hurt of food insecurity for many children, seniors, unemployed people, low-income working families and people with disabilities. The continuing impacts of the great recession, rising food costs and severe cuts in federal food assistance make an increase in the State Food Purchase Program more needed than ever.


I ask you to take a strong stand against hunger by recommending an appropriation of $21 million for SFPP in your budget.  Thank you for your consideration.



Hunger-Free Pennsylvania    |     4050 Washington Road,  Suite F, McMurray, PA 15317    |    (724) 941-1472