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Welcome to our Table

Welcome to “Hunger Pains,” a new blog for and about Pennsylvania’s anti-hunger community --- from the residents who struggle daily to provide for their families, to the food bank operators who work tirelessly to support them; from the volunteers who give up their time to serve in food pantries and soup kitchens, to the lawmakers and other stakeholders who fight endlessly to maintain funding and programs that will help to stomp out hunger in our commonwealth. Pennsylvania is a rich and vibrant state, among the world leaders in food production and food processing, but one of every six commonwealth residents still struggles with hunger, unsure of how they’ll get their next meal. Hunger has become an epidemic, a problem that affects every corner of the state --- rural, urban, suburban. Those affected are family, friends, neighbors, co-workers --- although you may never know it. “Hunger Pains” seeks to pull back the curtain on a problem that still lingers in the shadows to expose the faces of those who suffer, to give them a venue to chronicle their stories with people who understand --- and to help inform others who may not know. It’s also a way for us to share the good work being done by so many workers, volunteers and advocates who never shrink from the challenge of program cuts, funding reductions and rising demand to find a way to help those in need. You’ll learn more about those challenges and meet the people who tackle them head on, too. Lastly, “Hunger Pains” is for you. Much of what we do couldn’t be accomplished without the helping hand and support from people like you. Don’t just read along. We invite you to share your stories with us --- because sometimes, simply talking about a problem can be the most important step toward finding a solution.

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