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Orange Lights Spotlight Challenges Hungry Families Face

Once again this year, the white marble of the state Capitol Building will be cast in an orange glow to mark “Hunger Action Month” in Pennsylvania.

“Hunger Action Month” is recognized nationally as a way to urge individuals to take action in their communities to help those who are dealing with hunger and food insecurity.

To help raise awareness for Pennsylvania’s millions of food-insecure residents, the state will turn on the orange lights that shine outside the Lieutenant Governor’s Office balcony on Sept. 16 and keep them on through Sept. 22.

The lights are a reminder that many families can’t put a healthy meal on the table day in, day out. Or, they may not know which day they’ll have enough food for their family, or for how many weeks they can do it.

We hope that when you see the orange glow this month, you will reach out to your local anti-hunger programs for opportunities to get involved!


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