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Volunteers needed to help feed seniors in need in Mercer County

By Lauren Stebelton, Multi Media Producer

SHARON, Pa. - Aug 21, 2019

The Community Food Warehouse in Mercer County wants to get the word out about assistance for seniors. 

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program, or CSFP, works to improve the health of low-income seniors.

The program offers a monthly food package with a variety of foods such as no salt canned vegetables, low fat dairy products, whole grain cereals, meats, fish and more.

More than 383 Mercer County seniors receive CSFP packages of nutritious USDA Foods each month, but there are many more seniors that need help.

"We are only serving about ten percent of the seniors that qualify for the program, so in Mercer County, they're doing three or four hundred seniors, but there are at least three to four thousand seniors who qualify for the program," said Executive Director of Hunger-Free Pennsylvania Sheila Christopher. "We'd really like to let the seniors know that the program is here for them."

Christopher said they are also looking for organizations and volunteers to help. 

Hunger-Free Pennsylvania is also working on a Senior Express, which is similar to a Meals on Wheels program to assist seniors who still live in their own home. 

"It's our greatest generation, so they grew up through the Depression and through wars and they know how to make ends meet," said Christopher. "Well, it's here for them."

If you know someone who can benefit, contact the Mercer County Food Warehouse at 724-981-0353.  

Hunger-Free Pennsylvania is the single largest provider of meals to older Pennsylvanians and Wednesday's stop at the warehouse was its last stop on its statewide tour. 


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