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With costs rising, local food bank continues to see need grow

by Crispin Havener | Monday, March 14th 2022

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WJAC) — Seems like the price of everything is going up these days. And it’s why the need for food assistance continues to grow.

Now with inflation seeing food prices jumped more than 8 percent, the biggest leap in more than 40 years, and concerns about high gas prices making the situation worse, more people are seeking help just keeping food on the table.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank joining Community Action Partnership of Cambria County at the Cambria County Library Monday to tell people how they can help people seeking assistance.

“Right now, one of the things that we are dealing with is the increase in food prices,” said Keelan McDonald of Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. “We are trying to offset those issues by offering more food assistance.”

That issue also impacts the food bank’s ability to purchase the goods they need to help the growing demand. But with the greater need has come more generosity from the community to help their fellow man.

“We, fortunately, have actually seen an increase in support as well,” McDonald said. “Obviously it’s a really unfortunate situation that we are looking at a lot more folks needing food, the flip side and one of the few positive things is that the food bank has a lot more visibility and therefore more support.”

With no relief in sight, the need for food assistance is only likely to grow.

“We know it’s really tough to ask for help, but sometimes you need it and that’s what we’re here for,” McDonald said.

More information on Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank can be found here. They will hold their next food distribution event in Johnstown on April 13th at The Galleria in Richland Township.

More information on Community Action Partnership of Cambria County can be found here.


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