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Hunger on Thanksgiving


You were sitting in a meeting at work and suddenly realized that the loud rumble of your stomach was audible to the whole room. You forgot to bring lunch that day and sank into your chair because you felt that everyone was looking, pretending not to notice the series of grumbling noises. Hunger pangs strike again.

When this happens to me I am reminded of how many Pennsylvanians do not have the good fortune as I do to go home knowing that I will eat dinner that night and a hearty meal on Thanksgiving day. According to the Food Research Action Center, 12.3 percent of Pennsylvania households are food insecure, meaning they lack the funds that they need to put food on the table. What’s even worse is that 1 out of every 5 children in Pennsylvania experiences food insecurity.

Pennsylvania’s food banks help to fill in the gaps for Pennsylvanians who are at risk for hunger. Thanks to their efforts, many families who would go without are able to put food on the table.

As families across Pennsylvania prepare for their Thanksgiving feast, many will express compassion by volunteering to serve a meal at a shelter or soup kitchen, or make a contribution to those in need. It is all welcome. But the problem of hunger won’t disappear in one glorious meal of turkey and dressing.

The fight against hunger is a year-round battle. And whether we realize it or not, it’s an issue that touches us all. Join the effort to end hunger in Pennsylvania this holiday season by making a donation to Hunger-Free Pennsylvania.

Sheila Christopher

Executive Director

Hunger-Free Pennsylvania

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